July 30, 2020
WATCH | Virtual Town Hall Series: Part 2 – Nordecke

The Virtual Town Hall Series continues with Part 2 – Nordecke!

Register for free to watch the full episode featuring members of the Downtown Stadium Project Leadership Team talk about the unique Supporters’ Section experience and layout.


As the second-largest supporters’ section in Major League Soccer, the area will feature an integrated tifo rigging system, capo stands, two patio decks, and the Nordecke Beer Garden – the first beer garden specifically for a supporters’ section in MLS. The beer garden located approximately 80 steps away from the section’s entrance.


Members on the call from the Stadium Project Leadership Team include Gerardo Prado, National Sports Practice Leader, VP at HNTB; Stephen J.H. Lyons, Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer at Crew SC; Tim Bezbatchenko, President & General Manager at Crew SC; and Dante Washington, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development at Crew SC.